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Comic Book Origin Montages by John Byrne


Mapping the Milky Way. William Herschel’s galaxy maps (facsimile), 2009 (originals 1784–85). 

William Herschel and his sister Caroline made the first maps of the structure of our galaxy. For two years they surveyed thousands of stars, using their brightness to estimate distance from Earth.

Source: Science Museum - Courtesy of Royal Astronomical Society

Anonymous asked:
Just got my deck and I love it, the arts fantastic; but a while ago you said you would post a "how-to" once they released so I was just wondering when we can expect that? Thanks again for doing what you do.


i havent had time to make that post yet but for now here is something.

this site has a good reference for each card. 


the most fun/easy reading is a 2 card reading.

think about a subject in your life youd like insight on, shuffle the cards and deal out 2 cards on top of one another in the shape of a cross (one card vertical one card horizontal. 

the 1st card on the bottom represents your situation or your feelings on the subject you are thinking about, the card on top represents the obstacle that stands in the way of attaining the 1st card.  

the cards are a bit open so you choose what aspect of the card makes the most sense to the situation. 

a good example would be if i drew Death, with the fool on top of it. i could read this as my current goal is an end to things, or a way out, some means of refreshing my current situation. the obstacle being the fool, pushing to me the fact that i might be too driven by instinct or too foolish to move towards my goal of starting over.. or it could be seen as that i need to continue on my journey in order to end in a place where things start over.

the tarot is a fun way to be introspective. and ill go into detail on it in my later post.

but for now all you need is that website and you also need to know that in teh isaac tarot each suit is represented as follows.

Hearts = Cups

Pennies = Pentacles/coins

Keys = Swords

Bombs = Wands